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Restore grub ubuntu after windows installation

You may have experience the problem that lost your Ubuntu selection screen  after installing windows 7 or after upgrading your windows xp to windows 7. What next? Reinstall Linux Ubuntu, not at all. The problem happens due to GRUB was written by windows. There are four solutions to recover your Ubuntu installation,

Using the Ubuntu CD

Using Boot-Repair-Disk

Using the Unofficial Rescatux

Using the Ubuntu Alternate CD

Here I explain the second method, that is just reinstall the GRUB boot-loader and get back your Ubuntu or grub boot-loader screen. Steps,

  1. Download the Boot-Repair-Disk from sourceforge. The iso disc image file have a size of 335 MB, so use a download manger like orbit or flash get to save your time.

  3. The next step is to make the disc image file in to a bootable cd. So use an image writing tool like Nero express to make it bootable.

  5. Insert the Boot-Repair-Disk in to cd/dvd drive and reboot the system.

  7. Boot-Repair-Disk boot menu appears, choose 32 bits or 64 bits session.  estore-grub-after-windows-install

  9. Boot repair starts, Select “First repair” and apply. It solves the majority of bootsector/GRUB/MBR problems.

    After repair it gives a url and a message to remove your cd.


  11. Reboot without the CD. GRUB menu will appear and will propose both Linux Ubuntu and Windows7.ubuntu-after-windows

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