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install a .run exe file in linux

How to install a .run file in linux

In Windows operating system we just double click the .exe file to install new packages.

In linux based operating systems the process is different, for those who have been using Ubuntu for a while probably know this. This for the newbies that downloaded a installer and have no idea what to do with it.

There are several executable extension file types in Linux like .run, .sh, .pl, .bin, .deb (for Debian based systems), .rpm (for Red Hat based systems).

Follow the example below to install a .run file( change .run for other extensions):

For this consider the file “installer.run” on the Downloads folder. You should replace this with the name of the file and location you are trying to install.

1. Open a terminal. In Gnome navigate through Applications>Accessories>Terminal OR use “Ctrl+Alt+T” short cut.


2. Navigate to the directory of the .run file. For this example, you should type,

cd home/username/Downloads


cd ~/Downloads and press enter.

3. Next is to change the file permission to an exectable one. For this type,

chmod +x installer.run and press enter.

4. The last step is to type on the terminal

./installer.run press enter, and the installer will run.


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