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  • May 23 / 2011
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BSNL 3G Modem settings

BSNL 3G settings for a USB Modem


BSNL 3G offers prepaid internet facility with a speed of 3.6 Mbps.

Basic settings to get 3G service in your Handset.

First of all You should have 3G mobile handset and 3G enabled SIM. In your Mobile settings go to Network mode and select UMTS/Automode. Restart your handset manually, after restart 3G symbol will be displayed below Signal bar.

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  • Mar 15 / 2011
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How to disable autorun autoplay on all the drives

Microsoft Windows XP users may occurred lot of problems with viruses which infect computers through autorun.inf file. One of the mammoth reason of virus infection is that the autorun autoplay is enabled on the windows drives by default. This also leads to some problems are listed below,

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  • Feb 02 / 2011
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Not able to open pen drive

Not able to open pen drive or hard disk drives

Users of Microsoft Windows Operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7) may occurred some problems when try to deal with their pen drives ( flash drives or thumbs) and hard drive partitions. These some problems are listed below,

  • Cannot open pen drive or even not able to format it
  • Cannot open hard disk drives, drives open in a new window
  • Double click on hard disk drives gives error message or opens ‘open with’ window

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