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About Us

Tech Zephyr – The Home of Technical Bloggers. Tech Zephyr is a pioneering step put forward by four young technocrats who believe that Engineering is a divine profession and who wish to dive deep into the world of technology. Google or internet is our teacher in technology and helped us to find technical solutions, we would like to contribute something from our experience to the World Wide Web. So here you can find some of our expeditions and the answers to some hard to solve questions. We promise Tech Zephyr will be a new touch to your feelings. Being promised by the passion and expectation towards a better world, we the young people present our humble endeavor. Read below for more to learn about the tech-zephyr team of technical bloggers.



Robin Thomas, an Instrumentation and Control Engineer from South India. A technology diver for several memorable years, with prolonged qualification and experiences in Process Control Instrumentation Technology. My technical passion, knowledge and ability drives me to innovative technologies. Little technocrat inside me living as an Instrumentation Engineer. At present I shine in Field Instruments Maintenance and Process Control with PLC and DCS. I am so eager to shout my heartfelt experiences to the world. I believe in professional ethics and aspire hard to be a successful entrepreneur who deliver service and values. I believe in achieving multitudes of my knowledge through mutual sharing.



I am Johnson, a Professional Electronics Engineer, working in a Hardware company at Bangalore now. I love to do DIY projects in electronics and I believe that anything around me, if it is electronics, I should understand how that does work. I debug anything from simple electronic ballast to PC motherboard, with same interest level. In short, electronics is my heartbeat, my hobby and my profession!! Internet is my guru in electronics and helped me to grow my idea and view about my profession. I want to contribute something from my experience to the Web. I am planning to write about electronics design/debugging tips and scripting in many languages which are related to electronics profession can be expected.



I am Noby Sebastian. Now doing my M.Tech course in Industrial Electronics. I aspire to be an instrumentation Engineer who is passionate about his profession and I strive to grab my own performance benchmarks. I’d like to be a freelance Industrial Automation consultant, and have over two years of experience in the fields of automation and instrumentation. I’m so crazy about micro-controllers and conducted training programs at several Engineering colleges across Kerala, and now running to catch one of my biggest dreams: – An Embedded Trainer Kit which can be used for Hands-on-Training in a lot of embedded platforms like PIC, AVR, ARM, DSCs and FPGAs.



My Name is Arun Kurian. I am a software professional associated with one of the leading software service provider. I have been working on J2EE since the starting of my career.

Currently I am working on the machine learning algorithms for recommendations, using the latest technologies Hadoop, Mahout etc. I would be lettering my experiences with various technologies I have used during last few years.